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Voice Inflection: I didn’t say George stole my red pen

Have you ever said something to someone and they misunderstood the meaning of what you said? When you think back over what you said, you wonder how they managed to misunderstand you.

Many times, it is not what was said, but how it was said that causes these reactions.Voice inflection can mean so much more than the actual words that are spoken. Voice inflection means to change your voice. You can vary your voice by stressing a word or phrase, stretching a word or phrase, or pausing before a word or phrase.

I have written the sentence below seven times and have underlined a different word each time. Say each sentence out loud, putting emphasis on the underlined word. Can you work out the difference?

I didn’t say George stole my red pen

a. I didn’t say George stole my red pen.

b. I didn’t say George stole my red pen.

c. I didn’t say George stole my red pen.

d. I didn’t say George stole my red pen.

e. I didn’t say George stole my red pen.

f. I didn’t say George stole my red pen.

g. I didn’t say George stole my red pen.

Weather forecast for The Great Aussie Bush Camp

Hope you have all started packing and have remembered your raincoats, just in case it rains. Below is the weather forecast for the 3 days we are at camp.

Hope you are looking forward to a wonderful trip. :mrgreen:

Bush Camp Weather 2014

The Great Aussie Bush Camp (Wed 26th Feb)

On Wednesday 26th February (Week 5) we will be going to ‘The Great Aussie Bush Camp’. The camp is a wonderful experience that everyone should attend. The camp has a huge range of on-site activities that are designed to be challenging, yet fun and include the traditional favourites such as dual flying foxes which traverse the on-site lake and natural bush setting. We will also get the opportunity to walk through and  experience a rainforest, this will help us with our H.S.I.E. unit on Rainforests.

Visit The Great Aussie Bush Camp website for more information.





Souvenirs - Bring no more than $10
This is an old list from last year, but should be the same or similar pricing
Aussie Bush Camp Magnet $2.00
Aussie Bush Camp Lanyard $2.00
Aussie Bush Camp Temporary Tattoo 2 For $1.00
Aussie Bush Camp Carabiner $5.00
Aussie Bush Camp Calico Bag $2.00
Aussie Bush Camp Drink Bottle $5.00
Soft Toy: Aussie Bush Camp Character $5.00
Aussie Bush Camp Cap $10.00
Soft Toy: Kangaroo $5.00
Soft Toy: Koala $5.00
Aussie Crystal $8.00
Souvenir bag: $10.00 (Calico Bag, Drink Bottle, Sticker and your choice of a TCap or T Small Boomerang)

Perspective: Fun with cameras

During camp many students will be taking cameras. This is a great opportunity to have a play with a different type of perspective (point of view) to the ones we have done in class. If you are not taking a camera you can always try this at home.

Forced perspective

Find a friend or two (or/and other objects) that you can have placed at different distances away from your camera. You can try small things close (Pringles tin) and larger things further away (friends). This will make things look giant or small.

Update of class Forced Perspective photos using the iPads:



image 2


Look at the pictures below for some more ideas.

Click on the image to see a larger version